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HQ published the following advice at the end of November 2020. To check for any updates, please visit

"The Scouts have issued periods in which members may not take part in international travel, allowing for the groups to then make firm plans to cancel, move and reschedule or get refunds for trips which they can’t participate in. This has been reviewed periodically with the time frames extended, the next scheduled review was mid-December 2020. 

Following questions regarding attendance at the European Jamboree in Poland in July/August 2021 further enquiries have been received regarding other planned international trips for 2021.  

Following careful consideration of things such as the availability of a vaccine and its reach across the world and the potential for being at readiness level Green by the summer of 2021, the Scouts will continue to review the situation, on a rolling month by month basis. Taking account of changing factors and situations in the UK and in other countries, our current assessment is that the likelihood of international trips occurring before June 2021 is extremely unlikely.  

Therefore, our approach to follow NYA guidance and wait until the UK is at green readiness level remains. We do not foresee any international trips before Saturday 5th June 2021. We encourage groups not to raise hopes by starting or continuing any planning in the coming months. We may make focused statements about specific events targeted to that relevant audience." 

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