We are once again running a major International expedition as an alternative to the World Scout Jamboree in 2023.

This follows on from the very successful Project 19 Expedition to the USA for the last World Scout Jamboree cycle. Below is a video of the Project 19 expedition from 2019.

Currently, Project 23 is only open to young people who applied for a place on the World Scout Jamboree, who were not offered / didn't accept a place in the World Scout Jamboree. However, once we have been through the offer and acceptance process, we may open up for general applications to fill up to the next coach on a first come first served basis.

What is Project 23?

Project 23 will be a three week expedition to travel through Europe by coach, stopping at number of Scout campsite to undertake scouting type activities, meeting Scouts from other countries, sightseeing, other adventurous activities that we can find, and some pure fun activities.

We aim to stay in at least three different countries. It should be an amazing 3 weeks.

It is run as a sister expedition to the Hampshire Scouts World Scout Jamboree units, so it is away for roughly the same three period.

We can't say too much more about the campsites and locations that we are planning to stay at, as we are still planning these, and part of this, depends on the size of the expedition - which we won't know until young people have accepted their place in the units.

Where can I find out more information on Project 23?

We will shortly be posting the Project 23 Participant Q and A here.

P23 Participant QA V1-00Download

Who do we contact?

Please E-mail us at [email protected]

The change from February to March marks Fairtrade Fortnight where young people across the world learn about how they can tackle a global issue and help reduce poverty.

It links directly to the Beaver Scouts Global Issues badge [link to HQ badge requirements] and is a key part of the global programme that we all look at.

What is Fairtrade?

Fairtrade is all about farmers getting a fair price for their products so they can re-invest and improve their lives.

It’s one of the big ways people can reduce world hunger and poverty – one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals agreed in 2015.

Across 73 countries in the developing world, the scheme is organised by the Fairtrade Foundation who pass on the Fairtrade premium over and above the minimum price for the farmer’s goods.

You can find it on food, drink, clothing and home products so do look out for the logo in the shops.

Activities to get stuck in to.

There are loads of ways you can explore this with your Scouts, either in its own activity or as part of something bigger.

Activities that can be done at home include:

Other activities include:

There are more resources at the Fairtrade Foundation’s website for Schools and Youth groups: https://schools.fairtrade.org.uk/

Stop press

We have now launched the Leader and Participant Applications.

Please see our updated article.

Hampshire County Scouts is in the early days of working on its participation of the 25th World Scout Jamboree in South Korea in August 2023.

As previous, we are also in the early days of the alternative expedition that Hampshire Scouts runs alongside of the World Scout Jamboree, which currently has the working title of "Project 23".

We have had a number of people inquire about these, so we have set up a form to capture "Expressions of Interest" as either a participant, or as an Adult. This includes just receiving information, to enable you to pass on to others.

If you were born on 1st August 2005 or before, then you can register an interest to apply as

An IST (International Service Team) member for the 25th WSJ
A Leader for Project 23

As information then emerges over the next few months, and application process open, we will then automatically send you the information directly.

Click here to enter your Expression of Interest

If you have any questions, please send to [email protected]

HQ published the following advice at the end of November 2020. To check for any updates, please visit www.scouts.org.uk/volunteers/getting-back-together-safely/nights-away-and-international-travel

"The Scouts have issued periods in which members may not take part in international travel, allowing for the groups to then make firm plans to cancel, move and reschedule or get refunds for trips which they can’t participate in. This has been reviewed periodically with the time frames extended, the next scheduled review was mid-December 2020. 

Following questions regarding attendance at the European Jamboree in Poland in July/August 2021 further enquiries have been received regarding other planned international trips for 2021.  

Following careful consideration of things such as the availability of a vaccine and its reach across the world and the potential for being at readiness level Green by the summer of 2021, the Scouts will continue to review the situation, on a rolling month by month basis. Taking account of changing factors and situations in the UK and in other countries, our current assessment is that the likelihood of international trips occurring before June 2021 is extremely unlikely.  

Therefore, our approach to follow NYA guidance and wait until the UK is at green readiness level remains. We do not foresee any international trips before Saturday 5th June 2021. We encourage groups not to raise hopes by starting or continuing any planning in the coming months. We may make focused statements about specific events targeted to that relevant audience." 

With the publication of The Scouts' getting back together safely framework today, we are highlighting how this affects International Expeditions.

There are several things to note

  1. All residential, camping and International can only take place once we are at “Green” level (Page 10, section 6.2)
  2. All residential, camping and International can only take place at least three months after the publication of this document, and this will next be reviewed in September 2020. This prohibits International until at least 25th September 2020 (Page 10, section 6.3)
  3. Appropriate return to safe scouting Risk Assessments for Expeditions will need to be submitted (similar to a Group Section). For those that are running at a Group level, these will need to be approved by District, for District level, these will need to be approved by County, and those running at County level will need to be approved by Region. (Page 9, section 5.1).

As part of the Risk Assessment, full allowance will need to be included for Coronavirus in each country passed through as well as the country being visited. This needs to be presented on a similar Red – Green scale. Attention will also need to be made to the current FCO advice (which is currently “against all but essential international travel to all countries”).

Virtual meetings can currently be used to maintain expedition teams, but where we are currently in Red level, no Face to Face meetings are permitted.

Insurance will also need to be checked carefully, as all Insurance policies no longer cover cancellation as a result of Covid-19. This therefore increases financial risks, that the responsible Exec committee need to agree to.

All of the above is in additional to the standard Visits Abroad process.

For any questions, help or advice, please contact the ACC International (Julian Sore) on [email protected].

Staying in Kandersteg, Switzerland over the summer of 2021 this will again be an adventure your Explorers will never forget.

The £850 cost includes preparation days, transport by coach and ferry to/from Kandersteg, International BBQ, white water rafting, mountain hikes, swimming in lakes and pools, a day trip to Bern, you will see the world famous bears, event clothing and neckerchief, International camp fire and a whole host of exciting site activities (food will be extra).

Head over to the Suisse website at http://suisse2020.co.uk/ and start getting ready for Adventure!

Have you heard about the World Scout Moot that is taking place in Ireland in July 2022?

The moot is a World Wide event, and is aimed at 18-25 year old participants, and 26+ as IST Members to help run the event. There’s a wealth of information on the Moot website.

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